Saturday, March 21, 2009

25 random things about me..

1. When I was a kid, I was dreaming of going to Canada. I don’t know the reason behind. I just keep on telling myself that time that I want to go to Canada.

2. As most of my friends would know, I don’t eat vegetables and beef. PERIOD. No more discussions.. hahaha

3. I really like to learn to play a guitar, but if I have the guitar already, I am losing my patience maybe because it hurts the tip of my fingers.. hehehe

4. I am desperate to gain weight, I have tried several times to enrol in the gym, take vitamins, eat so many foods, but still with no effect.. grrrrhhh.. maybe my metabolism is still fast for my age and I am still gaining height.

5. If I talk to you a lot, you might notice that I have this “one” letter deficiency.

6. I really love to travel. Whether it is a local or international destination. I almost travel most part of the Northern Philippines and I’m planning to visit more places in Visayas region.

7. Expect during late November you can see most of the time in Starbucks to complete the stickers for the starbucks’ planner.

8. When I was in elementary, I am always in front when our teacher says to fall in line. Just imagine how too short I was during that time.. hehehe

9. My all time favourite family computer is Super Mario, when I was a kid, I always wear my super Mario sando every day (ofcourse I have many sets of super mario sandos that time) hehehe..

10. I keep on experimenting colors to my hair when I was in college. I have tried to color my hair with blue, red, green, brown, and gold.. hahaha..

11. I love to wear hip hop dress during my high school and college. When I see my photos way back then, I just smiled and sometimes laugh hard.. :D

12. I have been so much conscious with my hair during college, I had this super hard gel that I put on my hair so that it will be in style for the whole day.

13. There was a time that my dad enrolled me in a mechanical workshop during college summer that was good for 3 months, but it end up only for 3 days because I did not enjoy the workshop because its too gross that I need to take a bath more than an hour because of the stain of the engine oil in my body. Hehehe..

14. I remember the last tooth fall was when I had a P.E. in elementary and we play “tiyakad”, the tip of the bamboo smacked on my mouth after I bumped to my classmate.

15. I had a small fight when I was in a kinder with my classmate that’s why I get a small scar on my face.

16. When I was in Vanuatu, I almost lost my right thumb for being drunk. I accidentally raised my hand in a metal ceiling wall then boom, my hand was bleeding and they almost stitch my right thumb.

17. I discover that I have an eye problem when I was in 1st year college, I was seated at the back during an exam in Algebra, and I cannot believe that I did not perfect the exam, and I just notice that the negative (-) sign in the board, I thought that it was positive (+). From then, I had my eye check up and learned that I was already 100/100 by that time..

18. I made a speech over 100,000++ of people in Luneta, Grandstand during the campaign of MAKE PEACE, NO WAR! and I was very nervous facing the whole crowd.

19. I always put a coin underneath my foot every time I am nervous especially in facing a huge crowd.

20. I have been in a pageant once in Antipolo, due to one official in our place forced me to join the pageant and have no choice because they have submitted my name already. I had an overnight preparation for this and it brought me so much stress. From talent, sports wear, casual wear, evening wear, and of course to gather so much guts. Luckily, I have so many friends who are in a group of “Fashionistas” and voila, I am wearing the best barong of Ginoong Pilipinas during 2003. hehehe..

21. I have been actively participating in socio-political organization when I was in college, and I was once a contributor of a so-called “Magna Carta for Student Rights”.

22. I have attended so many sessions in the congress and in the senate, and I am proud to say that I have been part of making a “bill” in the senate.23. I am looking forward by the age of 35 that I might join myself in the political arena.

24. I was once stranded in an island in Vanuatu for 1 week because of the large typhoon and it destroys all the bridges in that island and our vehicle cannot pass the river because of strong water current. There was no electricity and good food in that island except the coconut and papaya that I ate during my stay there.. I was totally sick after I returned in the city.

25. I am happy go lucky person, if I think the problem will have no solution, then so be it.. move forward.. Life is too short to focus on so much problems.. I really enjoying life to the fullest..


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