Monday, April 15, 2019

recuperating after 10years of not blogging..

wheeewww!!! March 2009 was my last blog post, and since then haven't writtent anything.

If I remember it right, I was still based in Belem, Brasil during the time when I post an entry on my blog. So many things happened already after that.

From Belem, Brasil, I got a project to be based at Sao Paulo together with JM and Mark Lee. After 3 months, I moved to Rio de Janeiro for a different project, where I had the best stay of my life in Brasil. Being in Rio de Janeiro, where the party place capital of Brasil has a lot to offer especially come the Carnaval Festival during the Lent Season (too bad as I don't have any pic with me right now showing what's best in Rio de Janeiro).

From Brasil (2009) then I moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for a 3 months project.

After HCMC, Vietnam, then moved to Jakarta, Indonesia for 6 months.

Come 2010, I got a new project to work with Digicel but this time to be based in Papua New Guinea. I've been on this country before but only for 2 months if I remember it right. That's the time when they needed more resource and we were pulled out from my project in Digicel Vanuatu.

From PNG (2010) where I stayed for almost 2 years, then I moved to Digicel Samoa (2012). Samoa has been great to me where I stayed the longest time of my career for 4 years (2016).

After Samoa (2016), I need to use my H1B Visa from the US so I decided to resign from Digicel Samoa and moved to the States.

United States (2016), first stop was at Houston, Texas where I stayed for almost a month together with my cousin and Uncle. Then moved to Orlando, Florida where I explored the East Coast. From Miami, Florida - North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Maryland, and lastly NEW YORK!

After exploring the East Coast, decided to moved on the West Coast at San Francisco, California where I stayed for almost a month too with my former colleague Eaian :)

I got a job offer at Guam in 2016, then I decided to work where I am currently staying now. Guam has  alot to offer and so far I am enjoying my journey here.

Hopefully, on my next post, I can share some of my stories in between what happened to me from Brasil - Vietnam - Indonesia - Papua New Guinea - Samoa - United States - and lastly Guam.

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